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How to Ask for Salary Appraisal: Tips to Follow

How to Ask for Salary Appraisal: Tips to Follow

How to Ask for Salary Appraisal: Tips to Follow

How to Ask for Salary Appraisal: Tips to Follow

As the financial year comes to a close, it is the time when performance reviews are conducted. You are eagerly waiting for your rating and hoping that it will correspond with a salary appraisal. In this financial year, inflation has reached an alarming level, soaring to 9.1%, the highest it has been in four decades. With the cost-of-living skyrocketing, it is reasonable to expect a salary increase, especially for those who have been putting in significant effort. If your self-assessment accurately reflects your performance, you wish for your manager to recognize it and reward you with both a favorable ranking and a higher salary.

However, asking for the pay raise politely and successfully can be quite challenging. Discussing financial matters may make both you and your superior uncomfortable. Even many of us feel anxious about initiating this conversation with our bosses, fearing that we might come across as greedy or dissatisfied.

Additionally, you may struggle with finding the right way to present your request for a raise. If you fail to convince your company that you are the deserving one, they may reject your proposal.

So, in order to assist you in how to ask for a salary appraisal, we are here to provide you with some useful tips and tricks. Read them carefully.

When It Is Time to Ask for a Salary Appraisal?

Talking about salary appraisal in many companies is often convenient after six months or possibly a quarter. Some companies also conduct annual employee reviews and consider granting raises. If you have completed one year, your employer might already be willing to discuss your pay raise with you or your manager.

While thinking about how to ask for a hike in salary to HR, you might be quite confused about the timing. Well, a good time to ask for a salary appraisal from your employer could be at the end of the financial year when they are likely hiring and making compensation plans for the next year. When you identify these opportunities, mark them on your calendar and start preparing for the conversation with your hiring manager.

Another opportunity could arise upon successfully completing a project. If you have recently achieved a significant milestone and accomplished an important goal, it is reasonable to request a raise.

Prior to that, ensure you have gathered the details of your achievements along with relevant documents such as emails and letters of appreciation.

Tips for Asking for a Salary Appraisal

  1. Compile a List of Your Achievements:

Make a list of your achievements over the past six months, the previous year and your overall tenure at the company. Illustrate how these accomplishments have positively influenced your department and the company. You can also include specific figures and statistics whenever possible.

Managers find it difficult to reject requests when presented with concrete numbers. The more robust and reliable the data you provide, the stronger your case becomes for a well-deserved salary appraisal. 

By showcasing the work that you have undertaken for the company and the efforts you have invested to contribute to its success, you can also show your loyalty as an employee. So, establishing yourself as a loyal worker instills trust from your employers, further bolstering your case for a raise.

  1. Familiarize Yourself with the Standards of a Competitive Salary for Your Specific Role:

Websites like and PayScale offer complimentary salary reports that allow you to compare your current salary with similar positions in other organizations. LinkedIn is also a valuable resource in this regard. You can either check the available job postings on this platform or you can use LinkedIn’s own average salary ranges provided in job listings. You can also consider several factors like your industry, the size of your employer, and the benefits you receive. It is worth noting that certain companies may not offer competitive pay, which is why seeking advice from hiring experts is advisable whenever possible. 

If you have any connections with local recruiters or hiring managers, consider asking them to review your resume and provide you with a realistic salary target based on your position and experience.

Communicate the Benefits to Your Boss:

Always remember that your boss is not particularly interested in your personal financial obligations or your desired vacation plans. Their main concern lies in what they stand to gain. While you have already highlighted your contributions to the company, it is equally important to outline your future plans. Present your objectives, demonstrating how they will benefit the company and outlining the strategies you will employ to achieve them.

Maintain Confidence:

Approach the request for a raise with confidence. Although it may feel intimidating, you have gathered supporting evidence, such as the reasons you have identified for your request and the research you have conducted on comparable salary ranges. So, be prepared for potential resistance and keep in mind that the response may be negative.

However, if your request is granted, be ready to maintain or even elevate your level of dedication. You believed that you deserved a salary appraisal, now it is time to demonstrate to your boss that you have earned it.

Submit Your Request in Written:

It is likely that your boss has superiors to whom they must report and discuss your pay or salary increase proposal. To facilitate this process, create a document that outlines your request, includes information about comparable pay ranges, and emphasizes the advantages the company gains from your contributions. Providing a handout or written summary allows your boss to easily share and present your request to higher-level decision-makers.

What is the Best Approach for Requesting a Salary Appraisal from the Supervisor?

Allow yourself sufficient time to prepare for the discussion and give your manager ample time to consider your salary appraisal request.

Instead of unexpectedly approaching your boss and springing your request on them, it is advisable to schedule a meeting in advance. This shows your consideration for their schedule. Take note of any days when your boss may be particularly busy and avoid scheduling the meeting on those days.

Once the meeting is scheduled, approach your presentation as if you were working on a research report for college. Gather reliable information and address the following key points during your salary negotiations.

The most effective method for requesting a raise involves conducting thorough research to determine your market value and approaching your boss in a professional manner.

Let’s Get What You Deserve:

It is important to recognize that nearly everyone experiences nerves when asking for a salary increase and this is completely normal. However, it is also natural to desire and receive fair compensation for your work. By conducting thorough research to determine your value, highlighting your achievements and contributions to the company, and approaching the conversation with respect for your manager’s timing and sensitivity, you can increase the chances of securing the pay raise you deserve and earning your manager’s respect. 

In the event that your request for a raise is not granted, there is no need to worry. Take this opportunity to improve your skills or explore new technologies. Additionally, consider using this experience as a chance to inquire about the requirements for receiving a raise in the next performance appraisal cycle. 

Remember, you always have the opportunity to grow, enhance your value to the organization, and demonstrate your worth in the upcoming evaluation period.

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