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Interview Answer Collaboration - Interview Preparation Course

Interview Answer Collaboration - Interview Preparation Course

One of our interview specialists will work through all of your answers and draw out additional traits and details to turn your answer into a five-star answer.

4.6 88 Ratings - 996 Students

Price: $12 per Answer $129 for all 14 Answers

How we help

  • We will turn your CRAM-14 stories into perfect answers.
  • We will help add the traits to your stories that interviewers are seeking.
  • We will implement the methods found in our interview EasyACE online training for stories you are struggling with.
  • You will gain confidence by giving perfect answers to the fourteen most common interview questions.


No specific eligibility criteria is needed. This course is for anyone who is applying for a job in a competitive interview space.

Who this course is for:

Aspiring professionals, those looking to brush up their interview skills, recent college graduates.

Course Content:

One-on-One Answer Collaboration Via Email


Daniel G

Verified Purchase

I highly recommend it, the staff is amazing and they know everything when it comes to help you build your resume, I'm very satisfied with my new resume, thank you guys, keep up the good work!

Ann N

Verified Purchase

Interview Expert’s coaching package is worth the investment. Each session changed my perspective on how to better present myself and how to effectively answer job interview questions. I can now proudly showcase myself and I am now ready for anything as I can answer any challenging interview question will full confidence! Interview Expert is truly an expert in this field.

Mark A

Verified Purchase

I can't thank Interview Expert enough for helping me out with my resume and my interview skills! I didn't even know I was experiencing problems with my resume until I came across Interview Expert. This saved me a lot of time hunting for jobs and helped me do my best in interviews!

Jeth H

Verified Purchase

Interview Expert helped me to be prepared and less anxious about my job interviews. From resume writing up negotiating my job offer, their tips are on point. Thank you guys, you are the best.

Michael T

Verified Purchase

The Answer Collaboration tool was a game-changer for me. Thanks to my collaborator, Sarah, for helping me turn my interview answers from good to great!

Sarah H

Verified Purchase

I appreciated the ability to work with a collaborator who could provide fresh insights and perspective on my answers. Thanks to David for his thoughtful feedback!

Rachel K

Verified Purchase

The collaboration process helped me identify new ways to showcase my skills and experiences in my interview answers. Thanks to Lisa for her guidance and support!

Olivia L

Verified Purchase

The feedback I received from my collaborator was incredibly valuable in helping me refine my answers and present myself in the best possible light. Thanks to Thomas for his expertise and guidance!

Samir M

Verified Purchase

I found the Answer Collaboration tool to be a great way to brainstorm new ideas and approaches to my interview answers. Thanks to Maria for her creative input!

Bertha W

Verified Purchase

Overall, I would highly recommend the Answer Collaboration tool to anyone looking to improve their interview performance. Thanks to the entire team for developing such a helpful and innovative product!

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