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Best One-on-One Interview Training Course

One-on-One Interview Training Course

One of our interview specialists will spend approximately 1.5 hours with you to go over the interview process and answer any questions you might have.

4.8 244 Ratings - 582 Students

Price: $90 ($150) 16% Off

What you’ll learn

  • How to use our EasyACE online training material and understanding the concepts at a high level.
  • Provide feedback on your story bank preparation and how to enhance your stories to win.
  • Learn to inject key traits to make the interviewer excited about your interview answers.
  • Go over the basics of interviewing as to how to behave in the job interview.
  • How to answer difficult or tricky interview questions.
  • Answer any questions you may have about interviewing.
  • What questions to ask the interviewer at the end of the interview.


One-on-One Interview training can be done before, after, or while undertaking our interview EasyACE online training training. We recommend you partake in both services.

Who this course is for:

Aspiring professionals, those looking to brush up their interview skills, recent college graduates.

Course Content:

One-on-One Live Training Via Meet/Zoom Call


Bryan M

Verified Purchase

The job interview is a nerve-racking experience that every applicant goes through. This can make or break your chances of securing the job. With the help of Interview Expert, I was able to ace my interview and did it with flying colors.

Krystel J

Verified Purchase

Interview Expert indeed lives up to their name. I've been getting amazing feedback on my job interviews and resume that I've passed to companies I've been applying to. I'm recommending Interview Expert to my friends who are having trouble in their job-hunting journey.

Patrick M

Verified Purchase

Interview expert was great to work with. They helped me prepare for my interviews and I landed my dream job because of them!

Jovy O

Verified Purchase

Job interviews are highly stressful and anxiety-inducing. After I engaged with Interview Expert, I was more comfortable and confident. They taught me effective strategies that I can use to make a good impression during my interview. The coach was very welcoming, knowledgeable, and professional. I never felt so prepared and excited in my job interview session. I could have not landed on my current job without their help and guidance. Interview Expert was very helpful in my career journey. Thank you, will recommend you to my friends and colleagues.

Michael T

Verified Purchase

The 1-on-1 Interview Training was an incredibly helpful experience for me. Thanks to my specialist, Sarah, for her valuable insights and guidance!

Anna J

Verified Purchase

I appreciated the personalized attention I received during the 1-on-1 Interview Training. Thanks to David for taking the time to really understand my needs and goals!

Rachel K

Verified Purchase

The training session helped me feel much more prepared and confident going into my interview. Thanks to Lisa for her expert advice and feedback!

Olivia L

Verified Purchase

I found the 1-on-1 Interview Training to be a great way to practice my interview skills and receive individualized feedback. Thanks to Thomas for his thorough analysis and constructive criticism!

Samir M

Verified Purchase

The specialist I worked with was incredibly knowledgeable and provided helpful tips and strategies for acing my upcoming interview. Thanks to Maria for her expertise and guidance!

Rachel P

Verified Purchase

The training session was well-structured and focused on the areas where I needed the most improvement. Thanks to Anna for her personalized approach and attention to detail!

David W

Verified Purchase

I appreciated the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback on specific aspects of my interview performance. Thanks to James for his patience and willingness to help me improve!

Thomas B

Verified Purchase

The 1-on-1 Interview Training was a valuable investment in my future career success. Thanks to John for his expertise and support throughout the process!

Michael H

Verified Purchase

I liked how the training session was tailored to my specific needs and goals, rather than being a one-size-fits-all approach. Thanks to Olivia for her flexibility and adaptability!

Lisa G

Verified Purchase

Overall, I would highly recommend the 1-on-1 Interview Training to anyone looking to improve their interview skills and increase their chances of success. Thanks to the entire team for providing such a valuable service!

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