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Best Online Mock Interview Course & Guide

Online Mock Interview & Guide - Interview Preparation Course

Emulate your interview before appearing for the real-world interview. This course will help you clear any sort of doubts and issues you have.

4.6 112 Ratings - 668 Students

Price: $99 ($200) 50% Off

What you’ll learn

  • Experience live fire interview questions to get you ready to ace your next interview.
  • Get an assessment as to how well you are currently interviewing.
  • Gain pointers that will increase your interview score.
  • Learn how to adjust your answers to use the same story for multiple questions.
  • Raise your confidence by obtaining this valuable practice the day before your interview.


Mock Interview Preparation can occur before, after, or while undertaking our interview EasyACE Online training. We highly recommend you utilize this service a few days before a major job opportunity.

Who this course is for:

Aspiring professionals, those looking to brush up their interview skills, recent college graduates.

Course Content:

Live mock interview Via Meet/Zoom Call


Laine H

Verified Purchase

I, like some people find it difficult to find new jobs and the interview process makes it even more difficult. I'd been looking for someone to help me prepare for interviews until I came across this Interview Expert on Facebook and decided to give it a shot. It was far less expensive than the coaching I was looking at paying for. I learned so many tips from them. Now that I've gotten a job, and I know it will be much easier for me to find work in the future. I recommend Interview Expert’s Bootcamp!

Kellsy M

Verified Purchase

Highly recommend! After working with interview expert, I felt so confident going into my interviews and have landed a wonderful career because of it!

Jinny J

Verified Purchase

Interview Expert really helped me with the prompt materials and the structures on how to respond in a professional and confident way. I had some job interviews along with my past career before but never learn about these methods, especially when English is not my first language and it is sometimes hard to follow complex conversations. But Interview Expert makes it easy to structure the responses and the team (Todd and Christina) were very helpful to me. I really recommend them if you want to sharp your interview skills and be outstanding and memorable for your job interview!

Jerry H

Verified Purchase

The interview expert team made me feel prepared and relaxed for my last job interview and I recommended them to my sister and niece!

Rachel M

Verified Purchase

I found the Online Mock Interview to be incredibly helpful in identifying areas where I needed to improve my interview skills. Thanks to my interviewer, John, for his constructive feedback!

Michael H

Verified Purchase

The Mock Interview was a great way to simulate the pressure and nerves of a real job interview. Thanks to Emily for making me feel at ease and helping me prepare!

Olivia S

Verified Purchase

The Mock Interview was a great way to simulate the pressure and nerves of a real job interview. Thanks to Emily for making me feel at ease and helping me prepare!

James L

Verified Purchase

The online format was really convenient, and I appreciated being able to practice my interview skills from the comfort of my own home. Thanks to Lisa for coordinating everything!

Anna G

Verified Purchase

I liked how the Mock Interview included a range of different types of questions - it helped me prepare for a variety of scenarios. Thanks to Sarah for her thoughtful and thought-provoking questions!

Rachel P

Verified Purchase

The Mock Interview was a great way to gain confidence and practice my interview skills in a low-pressure environment. Thanks to David for his patience and support!

Emily W

Verified Purchase

The feedback I received after the Mock Interview was clear and actionable. Thanks to Samir for his insightful advice on how to improve my interview skills!

Thomas B

Verified Purchase

Overall, I found the Online Mock Interview to be a valuable experience. Thanks to the entire team for providing such a useful tool for job seekers!

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