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EasyAce Online Training - Interview Preparation Course

Become an Expert at Interviewing


Online Course

Full Access to our Online Course which builds your personalized answers to the 14 Interview Questions that make up all interviews.

Our time saving Interview Answer Strategy that keeps you from being overwhelmed by reducing hundreds of possible questions down to just 14 easily remembered stories.

Insightful videos on each of the 14 answer topics that get your primed to learn each lesson as well as build your answers.

Sample Interview answers so you have samples to know how all your stories

Our story builder tool asks you questions about your past to help you construct an outline saving you hours of preparation time.

Traits that are needed as part of your interview answers, adding the proper traits turns your “2-3-star” answer into a “5-star” answer!

Interview Tips as part of each lesson will help you increase your interview knowledge and give you the inside scoop as to what the interviewer is truly looking for in your answer.


PDF Instant downloadable workbook, which helps you build your 14 interview answers and all our expert course material.

$ 100

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Course Content:

This Course has 14 sections each contain the following:

Review Question and Similar Questions 1-2 Min
Core Concept / Video 5 Min Read / 5 Min View
Sample Interview Stories 10 Min Read
Review Tips 1-3 Min
Write Story / Use Story Builder / Add Traits 20 Min


Nylanig T

Verified Purchase

I recommend Interview Expert to people like me who are struggling to improve job-hunting and interview skills. Their tips really helped me prepare for that dreadful interview and helped me land a job easily. A big thanks to the Interview Expert team!

Xavier G

Verified Purchase

I was having a really hard time finding a job and months went by. Interview Expert Boothcamp gave me a lot of helpful tips and tools to land a job quickly. 10/10 would recommend to anyone struggling with finding a job.

Jayson L

Verified Purchase

After graduation, the Interview Bootcamp was a game changer. Even though I lacked experience, it provide me with a plan that gave me the ability to obtain my desired position.

Mary M

Verified Purchase

Hired! I couldn’t have done it without Interview Expert’s assistance. It felt surreal until I was offered the job and began two weeks later!

John D

Verified Purchase

Thanks to the Interview Bootcamp, I was able to land my dream job. Big thanks to Sarah, the instructor, for her guidance and support!

Emily L

Verified Purchase

I was feeling really nervous about my upcoming interviews, but the Bootcamp helped me feel more confident and prepared. Shoutout to my mock interview partner, David!

Samir H

Verified Purchase

The curriculum was really well-structured and easy to follow. Kudos to the Bootcamp team for putting together such a great program!

Olivia P

Verified Purchase

I appreciated how the Bootcamp focused not just on technical skills, but also on soft skills like communication and professionalism. Thanks to Maria, the instructor, for emphasizing the importance of these skills.

Ethan G

Verified Purchase

The personalized feedback from the instructors was incredibly helpful. Thanks to Thomas for his insights and advice!

Anna S

Verified Purchase

I really liked how the Bootcamp provided resources for preparing my resume and cover letter. Thanks to Rachel for her help with my application materials!

David M

Verified Purchase

The mock interview practice sessions were the highlight of the Bootcamp for me. Thanks to my partner, Michael, for his helpful feedback and support.

Rachel C

Verified Purchase

I appreciated the emphasis on practicing responses to common interview questions. Thanks to Lisa, the instructor, for helping me craft effective answers!

James H

Verified Purchase

The online format was really convenient for me, but I do wish there had been more opportunities for networking with other students. Still, thanks to the Bootcamp team for making the program accessible and flexible.

Sarah B

Verified Purchase

Overall, I had a great experience with the Interview Bootcamp. Thanks to all the instructors and staff for their hard work and dedication!

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