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Interview Coaching Services - Frequently Asked Questions

For Example, An Executive’s Greatest Achievement Will Be More Elaborate Than Someone Starting Their Career, But The Core Interview Question Will Be Similar

EasyACE Coaching has worked for Business Directors, Accountants, Finance Managers, IT Manager, Operations Managers, Scientists, Engineers, Teachers, Business Consultants and just about any other position where behavioral based interviews are used.

Yes – Our training works for behavioral based interviews. If you are interviewing for a role that is split between behavioral based and some other method such as a case-based approach you will need to prepare for that alternative structure as well.

Our EasyACE Program is very time efficient because of its interactive nature. It generally takes around 10 hours to go through the entire program and develop your stories. Each coaching session will take between an hour and an hour and a half.

The workbook as a stand a loan is not as efficient and takes about three times as long, 30 hours to complete.

Strategy is the number one advantage; most coaches will spend hour-long sessions asking interviewers questions and helping them with their responses. By reducing the number of questions to focus on to 14 and working to prepare stories to answer those questions we are making using the preparation time you have to maximum effect.

Also, by training you in our system first we can greatly reduce the amount of one-on-one training time, which is the most expensive part of any course. This allows us to accomplish more with a client’s $200 than the amount of knowledge one could get with our competitor $600-1,000 coaching.

We recommend that clients purchase the EasyACE Product with one additional coaching session. For most people this is enough to get them ready to interview at a very high level. If you have not interviewed for a while, the position you are interviewing for is of major importance to you, or it took you many interviews in the past to obtain your current position then we recommend three coaching sessions.

We don’t offer a guarantee, and these are the reasons we think this is fair.
  • We offer a workbook option as a very low-cost solution if the funds to use the program are critical to you.
  • A person can go through our entire program in 10 hours’ time, so once someone has gone through all our material, they could request a refund.
  • EasyACE product is reasonably priced and if we provide you with one insight that improves your interviewing, we have provided substantially more value than the funds we have received.
  • With that said if you have a major issue with our program, you can call us and we will try to work something out.

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