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Unleashing the Potential of Competency-Based Interview Questions

Unleashing the Potential of Competency-Based Interview Questions

Unleashing the Potential of Competency-Based Interview Questions

During the candidate interviewing session, you will encounter various interview styles and questions that should be taken into account. Although the recruitment processes have been modified, competency-based interviews will continue to be utilized at all levels. It is a valuable method for assessing past experiences and remains widely favoured. This interview method is highly demanding and considered as one of the most effective methods to identify these exceptionally qualified candidates. 

Today, in this article, we are going to walk you through the comprehensive guide of competency-based interview questions and answers. Let’s delve into this.

What Are the Competency-Based Interview Questions?

A competency-based interview is alternatively referred to as a structured, behavioural or situational interview method. This frequently involves practical exercises or tasks that assess a candidate’s ability to perform as described in their CV and cover letter. It also includes situational questions designed to explore how they have utilized specific skills to solve problems.

Competency-based interview questions enable you to unravel how a candidate intends to apply their acquired skills and knowledge from their past experiences within your organization. They are widely favoured in the recruitment process as they provide insights into how candidates have previously navigated various work scenarios.

The purpose of these competency-based interview questions is to evaluate a range of skills, abilities, personality traits, indicators of creative thinking, and problem-solving capabilities by examining their past behaviour.

Why Is It Important to Ask Competency-Based Interview Questions During the Hiring Process?

When it comes to the hiring process, asking competency-based interview questions holds significant importance. These questions go beyond assessing a candidate’s qualifications and delve into their actual ability to perform in a given role. 

The competency-based interview questions offer important insights into how candidates have handled particular job situations by concentrating on past behaviours and experiences. With the help of this method, employers can evaluate a candidate’s problem-solving skills, practical knowledge and company’s cultural fit.

Additionally, competency-based interviews help to predict a candidate’s future job performance. By examining how candidates have applied their skills and knowledge in the past, recruiters can make informed judgements about their potential success within the organization.

Which Competency-Based Interview Questions Are Most Effective to Ask?

When responding to the competency-based interview questions, the interviewees are encouraged to use examples from real-life situations. It allows you to grasp the candidate’s decision-making process and observe the results of their actions.

Here we provide the top 10 competency-based interview questions that will aid the hiring managers in attracting the skill set essential for your team’s requirements.


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8 Best Competency-based Interview Questions and Answers

  1. What are Your Best Qualities?

This is a most essential competency-based interview question with good cause.

It is an opportunity for your candidate to demonstrate that they have the required qualifications for the position. To check whether the interviewee is aware of how their skills relate to the position, keep the job description in mind.

As a hiring manager, always remember one thing you are searching for transferrable talents, not the evidence that they have performed before.

  1. What Values Can This Organization Expect from Your Skills and Ideas?

The competency-based interview questions help you get the chance to determine which of your potential candidates stands out from the competition.

An effective interview candidate will demonstrate in their response that they are aware of your company’s objectives. A strong candidate will provide specific illustrations of how their abilities might aid you in realizing your vision.

  1. Discuss Your Accomplishments in Previous Job Roles.

In the competency-based interview question and answer, confidence is crucial. It provides a candidate a chance to discuss prior accomplishments and experiences relevant to your job opening. Ensure that the achievements highlighted in their response are work-related and perfectly align with your specific requirements.

  1. How Have You Grown or Improved in the Past Year?

Candidates may attempt to mask their weaknesses, but this competency-based interview question provides an opportunity for them to demonstrate a willingness to learn from mistakes. It also allows the hiring managers to gauge the candidate’s level of self-awareness and desire for personal development.

  1. Describe a Situation Where You Supported a Struggling Team Member.

This competency-based interview question assesses the candidate’s ability to show compassion towards colleagues while still maintaining focus on their own objectives. Experienced candidates should be able to mention examples where they provided training or mentoring that not only aided the team member but also enhanced overall team performance.

  1. Tell Us About a Time When You Had to Improvise to Achieve a Goal.

In other words, can the candidate think quickly on their feet? Being able to adapt to unexpected situations is increasingly important. Their response should highlight their composure and ability to perform in unanticipated scenarios. 

  1. What Was the Most Recent Significant Decision You Had to Make?

This question aims to uncover the candidate’s decision-making process and whether their reasoning aligns with the requirements of the job role. It assesses how they approach major decisions, whether it is through logical reasoning or intuition and whether their approach is a good fit for your organization.

  1. Share an Experience of Dealing with a Difficult Person.

All candidates should be able to reference an encounter with a challenging colleague. Look for honesty in their response, along with a clear example of how they navigated the situation. Rather than assigning blame, they should demonstrate self-awareness and reflect on their role in the experience, as well as propose alternative approaches for the future.

  1. What was the Last Subject or Skill You Taught Someone?

In addition to assessing their own skills, this question gauges the candidate's ability to teach others. It is not limited to managerial or senior roles and should be asked whenever you seek a candidate who can contribute value to your team.

  1. Why Do You Believe You are a Good Fit for Our Company?

This competency-based question examines whether the candidate can explain how their transferable skills align with the requirements of the role. It tests their self-awareness regarding their abilities and their understanding of what your organization seeks in a new employee. The candidate should confidently articulate their desire to work for your company and persuade you that they would be a suitable fit for your team culture.

Conclusion On - What are Competency Based questions in an interview

In conclusion, competency-based interview questions provide a structured and objective framework for assessing candidates' skills and abilities. They offer valuable insights into past performance, problem-solving skills, and communication abilities. By employing these interviews, organizations can make informed hiring decisions, promote a well-rounded workforce, and drive organizational growth. Competency-based interviews are a strategic advantage in a competitive job market, ensuring the selection of top talent that aligns with company objectives.

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