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5 Tough Interview Questions And How to Answer Them

5 Tough Interview Questions And How to Answer Them

5 Tough Interview Questions And How to Answer Them

5 Tough Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

The competition in the workspace is constantly increasing. This is especially true after the pandemic as people are going back to normal work from office jobs. However, irrespective of the industry that you are trying to get into, the competition has completely changed the way interviews are being conducted across the world. 

Interview questions are always evolving, however, it is impossible for anyone to know what the interviewer might ask. These questions are asked in order to gauge the skills and qualifications of a candidate. The answer to these tough interview questions forms a clear picture of the candidate. Therefore, by answering appropriately to these tough interview questions, you will be able to significantly increase your chance of landing the job. 

In this article, we will be exploring why hard interview questions are asked of candidates and what are the common questions that you can expect to face in an interview. As a result of this, you will be able to answer tough interview questions with much more tact and efficiency. 

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Why do Employers ask tough interview questions?

The amount of candidates appearing for job interviews is constantly increasing. Every single day millions are selected for new opportunities. At the same, many are rejected from their interview. And due to this reason, it is important for the interviewers to sieve through candidates and shortlist the serious ones. 

During an interview, an interviewer may ask any difficult question to the interviewee. It is the response to these questions that separate the rejected and the selected candidates. The main purpose of tough interview questions is to evaluate whether a candidate has the abilities and skills that the company is looking for.

Additionally, tough interview questions also allow an employer to evaluate whether the candidate is prepared for the interview or not. Through tough questions, they gauge candidates, mentality as well as the amount of preparation he has done for the interview. It shows the dedication you have towards the job and profession. It helps to create a measure of the candidate’s values, ethics, and work culture. So now let's discuss some of the toughest interview questions that interviewers may ask a candidate in a job interview. 


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List Of Tough Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

The followings are some of the tough interview questions and answers below, which will definitely help you to ace a job interview. 

1. Tell us about yourself

This is the most important and tough interview question. This is because the first impression is the last impression. The main purpose of this question is to judge how well you are able to communicate with the interviewer. 

For these jobs interview hard questions to answer, you need to make sure that you are listing your qualifications and achievements as well. This will help the interviewer to get a complete picture of your capabilities and skills. 

Example: I have previously worked as a Human Resource Manager. My main duty included looking after the employees of my previous organization. Providing the employees with grievance management as well as creating a performance review system for the organization. 

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2. What is your main weakness?

This is considered one of the most difficult interview questions. The main purpose of these tough interview questions is to know whether you have a good understanding of yourself and your abilities. Working in a professional environment, requires you to have an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. This shows the interviewer that you are aware of your flaws and that you are currently working to improve them. 

Furthermore, being aware of your weaknesses is a sign to the employer that you are humble in your approach to the professional workspace. Hence, the best way to answer these tough interview questions require you have completed a self-evaluation first. The self-evaluation will allow you to identify your weaknesses and will help you during the interview stage. 

The best way to answer this tough interview question is to tell the interviewer the weaknesses that you have identified previously. Additionally, you also need to mention how you are working to improve your flaws. 

Example: One of the biggest weaknesses I have is taking on too much pressure. I tend to take on more work pressure than necessary. I am trying to get rid of this practice by understanding how to delegate and understanding my capability. 

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3. What is the most common feedback that you receive?

This is again considered one of the most important yet tough interview questions. The main purpose of the question is to evaluate how well you handle any criticisms and feedback in the workplace. Working a job requires you to have seniors and juniors. The premise of this question shows whether you are willing to work on the feedback. It also allows the interviewer to understand whether you have the mentality to work for that organization or not. 

The best way to answer this tough interview question is to be straightforward with your answers. You need to mention that you accept the positive feedback and criticisms you receive. Furthermore, you also need to mention that you also focus on working on these issues and that you are constantly developing from them. 

Example: I was given the feedback that I was not able to work together with the team. For this reason, I am trying to share my opinions with my other teammates. This has helped me to build better bonding with them. 

4. What is your method for handling stress?

The main purpose of this tough interview question is to gauge how well you are able to handle pressure and work-related stress. According to studies, employees unable to deal with stress has shown to inhibit irrational behavior. This has eventually led to low productivity and performance among employees. Hence, handling stress is an important skill that employers look for in a candidate. 

In order to answer this tough interview question, you have to provide the interviewer with your knowledge of stress and how it can reduce your performance. Additionally, provide the interviewer with information on how you can deal with this work-related stress. 

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Example: Stress can be the reason an employee’s performance drops over time. Unchecked stress can lead to team fallouts and irrational behavior. Therefore, for me managing stress is an important part of my work culture. 

5. Why do you want to work here?

The main purpose of this tough interview question is to judge whether you are aware of the roles and responsibilities at the organization you are interviewing at. The question also seeks to understand whether you have previous experience in the field and whether you wish to continue to stay in the field or not. 

Additionally, this interview question is also asked to form an idea of the way you judge yourself and your actions. This question helps the interviewer to differentiate between potential and rejected candidates for a job role. This tough interview question also requires you to be prepared. 

Example: I have excellent drive and passion for my job role. I have experience in the logistics management of the supply chain. Paired with my creativity and passion I will be able to solve any logistical issues in your supply chain. 

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Final Take Down On Tough Job Interview Questions And How To Answer Them

The above article has discussed the tough interview questions that can be asked during the candidate selection process in an organization. Furthermore, the article has provided examples of how to reply to those tough interview questions. It is important for you to note that the best way to reply to any tough interview question is through preparation and research. 

Hope you liked this article and have an idea about some of the hard job interview questions that are often asked in an interview. If you have any further suggestions on this, you can get back to us at

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