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Looking for a graduation gift for a recent high school or college grad

Looking for a graduation gift for a recent high school or college grad

Looking for a graduation gift for a recent high school or college grad

Looking for a graduation gift for a recent high school or college grad? Look no further and give them the gift that will help them to achieve their future, the gift of a resume or interview training. Interview Expert has a gift for your graduate no matter their stage in life. If they are graduating from high school and just getting started in life or if they need to perfect their interviewing skills or update their resumes fresh out of college, then we have the gift for you. The gift of helping a recent graduate to achieve skills to further their work future is limitless for the receiver. Basic interview skills are a foundation that everyone needs in order to be successful with receiving future job offers. If you are looking for a unique graduation gift for your loved ones, Interview Expert has the gift that will keep on giving throughout their life. You can choose a gift that is basic to interviewing to a one-on-one training session that is designed specifically with your graduate in mind. 

Interviewing for a new job can be very stressful and sometimes even scary. At Interview Expert, we do not think that the interview process should be a dreaded process of landing your dream job. There are thousands of articles on job interview tips and it can be hard to sift through the limitless information on job interviewing; however, we suggest that reviewing basic job interview tips can eliminate part or all of the nervousness that comes with interviewing. Knowledge is power. The more information that you have about interview techniques the more your interview skills may develop into skilled precision. There are basic interview questions that you can prepare answers for in advance for a majority of interview situations.

Quick Tip

Interviewers realize when candidates are telling them what they think the interviewer wants to hear and not a true personal answer. Interview skills are difficult to master; however, one key component to a successful interview is to not assume what you think the interviewer wants to hear. There are times when a candidate is asked questions that are negative and the interviewer is looking to see how they will respond. Typically, in this situation, many answer with what they think the interviewer wants to hear rather than their true insights. This is a failure on the part of the person interviewing. Sometimes an interviewer isn’t looking for a perfect, well-polished, happily ever after ending, rather they are testing other skills such as how you handle difficult situations or situations that are less than ideal. Anyone who has been in the workforce for a period of time realizes that sometimes there are situations that are not able to be optimally resolved where every party is happy. Interviewers want to know how do you try to obtain an agreement where that the company and the customer are not at a complete loss. This is merely one example. There are many more; however, it is essential during an interview that you do not assume what the interviewer wants to hear. Rather provide a real example of past experience or an example of how you would handle a potential situation when encountered with it.

Practice Practice Practice

Practice your answers out loud, either by yourself or with someone else. Mock interviewing is the best way to practice. Mock interviews allow you to not only practice out loud, but to receive feedback from an expert who can make your interview answers stronger. Remember to be open for feedback during the mock interview process. Sometimes it is difficult to hear what we need to improve on; however, if you improve on your interview skills you are more likely to land that next big job!

At Interview Expert, we hire coaches from a variety of backgrounds and industries in order to ensure that we have a diverse group of coaches for a diverse group of individuals who seek our services. Our coaches interviewing experience can help you to perfect your interviewing skills and answers for any up-and-coming job interview. Interview Expert coaches have years of experience in the interviewing field as well as years of experience in multiple industries. At interview expert, we not only want to pair you with a coach in your industry, but we also want to pair you with a coach who can help you to determine your areas of strengths and weaknesses in order to properly prepare you for your interview. We have the knowledge and tools to walk you through improving your interview or preparing for a big interview. Interview Expert also prides ourselves on our successful client list. Our clients love to tell their experiences with Interview Expert, because we help to produce long lasting results that they can use in the future not just on their next big interview. Check us out at to find out what types of services we offer and a little about our interview coaches. We will personalize your time with us to focus specifically on your needs as it relates to interviewing.

Find that Perfect Coach for Interviews

Interviewing can be quite stressful for some individuals and even more so when you really want the job with a particular company. There are many aspects to interviewing and it can become overwhelming when researching information related to interviewing. At Interview Expert, we are here to take on the information burden for you. We have gathered general interviewing information as well as specific interviewing tips for certain industries and job postings. We have taken the time to break down the interviewing process and create a program that will benefit each individual in their interviewing journey. We have information regarding interview preparation, common interview questions, executive interview questions, interview skills and techniques, standard job interview tips, and so much more. 

At Interview Expert, we offer a variety of interview coaching options to fit your needs. We understand that sometimes it is not possible to get in a full complete coaching program prior to a job interview. Interview Expert wants to ensure that we are providing something for everyone to be as prepared as possible for up-and-coming job interviews. We offer fully online services that can include both personal one on one coaching and virtual training. Once you have access to the virtual training videos, they will be available for you to view in any order at any time. This allows you to choose the topics that you struggle with the most and utilize the training for those topics only. You also have the option to view them all in order to have a more comprehensive list of information. The one-on-one training provides you with the ability to receive real time feedback and craft unique interview answers that will stand out to an interviewer. 

When you choose an Interview Expert coach to assist with preparing you for your big interview, you will have access to years of experience in the interviewing field. You will be working with a coach who currently interviews individuals for their companies. Interview Expert only employees the best interview coaches for our customers. Our coaches often have full careers at other organizations and simply love helping others to thrive. Sharing our knowledge on how to successfully complete an interview allows us to personally and professionally be fulfilled. We love to hear our customers success stories as they tell us about gaining new employment after going through our program. Please check out our website at and see what options we have to help you to ace your next big interview!

Interview Expert always recommends practicing interview answers and tips with an interview coach who has experience and knowledge with interviewing. An interview coach can help you to take your previous experience and develop it into good detailed, thorough, memorable answers. An interview coach can assist with crafting interview answers that are truthful and give you the confidence to answer interview questions without focusing on what you think the interviewer wants to hear. Rather, interview expert will help you to develop answers to common interview questions that show your true strengths and abilities in work situations. An interview coach can assist with executive interview questions, mock interview questions, interview techniques and so much more. When you practice with an interview coach, you will learn valuable interview tips and tricks that will assist you with taking part in job interviews. These tips and tricks will make you a stronger candidate and provide you with the skills to land your next big job. 

There are so many companies and individuals who provide interview coaching services; however, you need to choose the one that best aligns with your personal and professional goals. You want to ensure that you are choosing someone who has years of experience in the interviewing field as well as a proven history of assisting others with obtaining jobs through their interview coaching. A coach can have all of the right things to say; however, if it doesn’t translate to you or to the real world then the words will not help you to progress in your interviewing skills. A proven history of helping others that they have coached will be an important aspect to choosing the right interview coach. 

Choosing the right interview coach for you, means that you pick to work with someone who has the experience and knowledge for teaching and coaching career minded adults. Again, you can choose someone who says all of the right things, yet they are unable to teach another person those techniques. When a coach does not have the experience with teaching adults, then they are missing the most important aspect to career coaching. A coach can have all of the knowledge in the world about interviewing; however, if they are unable to translate those to true situations and assist you with learning interviewing techniques then you will not grow from the experience. 

The interview coach needs to have the ability to convert the coaching experience to each individual in which they are coaching. This means that no two coaching sessions should be a like. A great interview coach will ask you questions and determine how you learn so that they can tailor the coaching experience to you. When coaching sessions are designed specifically for you, you will gain the most from the coaching, thus retaining more information. When you retain and practice the information given, you will be more prepared for the interview. 

One on one coaching is something that you will want to look for when searching for an interview coach. There are many interview coaches who conduct group sessions; thus, leaving you without personal examples and practice. When you are not able to practice individually with a coach, you will not get the personal feedback that you need in order to improve your interviewing skills. Personal one on one coaching allows the coach to provide you with positive and negative feedback. Personal coaching also allows the coach to help you to focus on the areas in which you need the most improvement, rather than a general interviewing approach.

Consider all these aspects as you are looking for a gift for a recent grad. You can not only give them a unique graduation gift, but you can give them a gift of learning skills and techniques that will last a life time. A graduation gift related to interviewing may not seem like the most exciting graduation gift; however, it is a practical gift that the grad will recognize as one of the best gifts as they transition to the workforce. At Interview Expert, we have self-guided training, one-on-one training, mock interview practice, resume assistance and writing options. Your grad will have a variety of options for services when you choose to gift them with a graduation gift from Interview Expert. Go check us out on our site to see further details about our offers. We can be found at We are excited to be able to assist your recent grad with building a strong future and learning how to land their dream job.

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