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How To Prepare For Behavioral Interviews

How To Prepare For Behavioral Interviews

How To Prepare For Behavioral Interviews

How to Prepare for Behavioral Interviews

In today’s society, it is no longer sufficient to prepare yourself to face a standard job interview. The behavioral interview, commonly referred to as the competency-based interview has gained lot of popularity in recent days. 

Behavioral interview questions were created in the 1970s by Industrial Psychologists. The main objective of these interview questions is to help the hiring manager to understand how you have performed in the past by using real circumstances.

When candidate hiring is purely based on traditional job interviews, there is a huge chance of choosing the wrong candidate for the job role. This is not to imply that the same thing cannot occur in a behavioral-based interview. But in general, the behavioral-based interview enables a better job fit and performance match over the long run.

So, you have received a call for a job interview. You are confident enough in your ability to respond to queries about your education and experiences. But what about the behavioral interview questions. Your responses should provide light on your capacity for problem-solving. So, what are the best useful tips that help candidates prepare for behavioral interview questions? 

Today, we are going to explore the ultimate go-to guide for addressing behavioral interview questions and how to respond to them.

What is a Behavioural Interview?

Employers frequently utilize behavioral interviews to evaluate candidates based on their prior behavior. For instance, they might use situational questions rather than fictitious ones such as, “How would you react if you were under a lot of work pressure?”

Interviewers frequently ask about a time when you had to employ particular soft skills or abilities or negotiate certain situations.

Why Prepare Yourself for Behavioural Interview Questions?

Despite typical job interviews, there are several advantages to preparing for behavioral-based job interview.

  • In recent days, most of the top companies in the World, use behavioral-based interview and probably you want to work for one of them. 

  • You can use the examples and tales you create for these types of interviews to your advantage at any industry and networking event.

  • When you practice and get ready for a behavioral-based interview, you will be more prepared for any form of interview.

  • As a result of your interview planning, you will have a solid record of your professional achievements which you can further use for resumes, bios, and cover letters.

  • Behavioral-based interviews might enhance our confidence level when we appreciate our qualities and accomplishments on paper.

  • While looking back for examples, we occasionally overlook an approach that was successful in the past but can still be used in the present-day or in the future.

  • You can also impress the interviewers with your brilliant responses. And this will get you one step closer to grabbing your dream job position.


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How Can You Prepare Yourself to Nail a Behavioural Interview | Tips For Behavioral Interview

Do Your Research:

In order to assist you get ready for a behavioral-based interview, you should research about the position and the firm you will be interviewing with. Try to find out as much as you can about the job position’s most recent or current holders and the types of workers the company often hires. This will assist you in creating a list of skills, qualities, and capabilities required to ace the interview.

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Make a Quick List of Your Skills and Abilities:

You will get the chance to demonstrate your talents, competence, and outcomes through behavioral interview questions. You should consider the kinds of capabilities the organization is seeking for. The majority of employers will look for similar skills, talents, and qualities, like effective communication, teamwork, the capacity for concentration, punctuality, adaptability, attention to detail, management, creativity, leadership potential, responsibility, and more. So, spend some moments in ranking the items on your list according to the job role you are applying for.

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List Your Past Experience:

Create a list of your prior accomplishments and experiences that emphasis the competencies, skills, and characteristics you identify in the above paragraph. We all enjoy hearing a good story. So, try to come up with some good counterarguments and talents. Having said that you should aim to be concise and focused in your responses.

In some behavioral interview questions, you may be asked to recollect a challenging work situation. So, think of a few difficult situations you have faced at the workplace and then develop a list of the steps you did to help resolve each one before your job interview.

Try to describe instances where you overcame challenges, handled a crisis, or supported productive teamwork in the workplace. Always focus to consider your ability to accept new concepts, your ability to find common ground, and the experiences you might draw from in the future to solve challenging issues.

Focus on Positive and Negative Aspects:

Do not forget to think of some situations or examples where things were difficult, yet you managed to succeed. Such scenarios highlight your ability to manage professional challenges and problem-solving skills. Always be prepared to discuss your areas for growth as well. You might be asked how you would handle similar circumstances differently.

Use STAR Interview Method:

The STAR Interview method is a way you can use to organize your responses to behavioral interview questions as you get ready for them. By employing this technique, you may build a planned story arc that is simple for the interviewer to follow. This is how it goes:

Situation: What is the background to your story? By describing the circumstances, you are informing your audience of the exact date and location of the incident. A good example might be, “When our agency merged with another, especially the larger firm, we were working on a six-month contract for a high-value client.”

Task: What part did you play in this scenario? For instance, “It was my responsibility to lead the changes for my group while also liaising with our clients to maintain the project’s schedule”.

Action: How did you act? For example, “I scheduled weekly meetings with the clients to inform them about the merger’s progress. This strengthened the foundational level of trust in our relationship. Additionally, I met with each member of the team individually on a regular basis to gauge how they were adjusting to the shift and to ensure that we would reach our deadlines.”

Result: What resulted from your actions? For instance, “We finished the job on schedule and to their complete satisfaction. To successfully manage so much change and perform under pressure was immensely rewarding.”

Check Out Your Past Performance:

In order to get ready for your upcoming behavioral interviews, go through your previous performance reviews. It can assist you to uncover accomplishments and circumstances come up with behavioral interview examples.

Start Taking Notes Right Away:

This may not apply to you if you are not working right now, but it would still be wise to keep this in mind for the future. Always try to keep track of your accomplishments while you work to help you later come up with stories and examples for behavioral interviews. You can use this to complete performance evaluations if that is something you are obligated to do.

Wrapping Up: How To Prepare For A Behavioral-Based Interview

Understanding the art of behavioral interviews is your golden passport to success in the world of job searching. You can reveal your genuine professional nature by comprehending the psychology of these interviews. Remember to embrace honesty and highlight your individual abilities as you go out on this revolutionary path. 

Write engrossing tales that showcase your capacity for overcoming obstacles and achieving outstanding outcomes. Be rigorous in your preparation and internalize the STAR method as your hidden weapon. 

And on interview day, enter the room with assurance and wear your experiences like a badge of honor. Your job dreams are bound to thrive in the garden of opportunity if you use this ultimate guide as your compass.

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